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5 CORE – 1.25mm – SAT CABLE+ 4mm EARTH – 100m REEL

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5 CORE – 1.25mm – SAT CABLE+ 4mm EARTH – 100m REEL

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Multi-Digital approved cable that is ideal for IRS distribution systems.
It can also be used underground or where moisture ingress might be a problem.

Each inner co-axial core has the following specifications:
Copper foil and copper braid {40%}.
1.25mm inner conductor.

1. Watertight foam dielectric
2. Stable attenuation up to at least 3 GHz
3. Mechanically robust.
4. More flexible, easier to install.
5. Easy strip {nylon rip cord}.
6. Metred to eliminate waste and for pricing.

Attenuation {dB per/100m}
50mHz 3.6
100mHz 4.9
230mHz 7.5
300mHz 8.6
470mHz 10.9
600mHz 12.3
860mHz 14.5
1000mHz 16.2
1350mHz 19.0
1750mHz 22.0
2150mHz 24.8
3000mHz 30.2
Earth wire is 4mm