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The 6 Way is a compact, indoor, mains operated amplifier, designed for domestic and commercial use. The unit enables one aerial to supply six televisions and F.M. radios simultaneously. Video tape recorder playback signals may also be distributed by the 6 Way via the aerial input socket. The single input socket is suitable for V.H.F. radio or V.H.F. T.V. and wide band U.H.F. television. Provisions are available to line power any Fringe model Masthead Amplifier, where reception is poor. SPECIFICATIONS V.H.F. – U.H.F. 47 – 860MHz Gain per socket 7db. Flatness + -1db. Noise figure 3.9db. Output per socket 84dbuv Isolation between sockets not less than 24db. Supply voltage 230v a.c. 50hz 3Watts Fitted with non-rewireable 13 amp plug with 3 amp fuse LED indicator Indicates main switched on Size 110mm L x 76mm W x 40mm D C.E. compliance Approved Mounting Two hole fixing tabs Masthead powering Internal switch to supply 12v @ 30mA

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