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MAG 256w1 – HEVC IPTV Set Top Box – Built in WiFi

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MAG 256w1 – HEVC IPTV Set Top Box – Built in WiFi

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The MAG256w1 is a unique open platform. You can make changes to the Set-Top Box software as well as integrate with other developersÂ’ software.
Used as an IPTV box it can be connected to your TV, the MAG 256w1 can provide access to numerous web services and IPTV streams.
Browse the web from your living room using the built-in web browser.
The MAG 256 can access IPTV streams over the internet, Stream content over your local network, and play content from USB storage devices.
* Faster and powerful media processor based on chipset STiH301
* Built-in Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, 150Mbps HEVC support
* USB 2.0 & 3.0 port

Width/depth/height, (mm): 132x87x26
Weight, g: 190
Chipset: STiH301
Processor: ARM Cortex A9 1.5 GHz Processor perfomance: 3500 DMIPS RAM: 512 MB
Flash memory: 512 MB
Buil-in Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n, 150Mbps

Operating system: Linux 3.3
Built-in Media Portal with WebKit-based IPTV-functionality HTTP 1.1, HTML 4.01 XHTML