PROception – 16dB WB – MAST HEAD AMP

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PROception – 16dB WB – MAST HEAD AMP

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· All-new designs for today’s mixed analogue and digital signal environment and the all-digital future. · Neutral skyline housing colour for a discreet installation. · Excellent low noise figures – among the lowest on the market. · Excellent input filtering, attenuates Airwave TETRA signals. · Robust fully screened amplifier modules – compliant with European EMC standards. · ‘F’ connectors for reliable connection and high screening integrity with a wide range of cable sizes. · Five models in range; low, medium and high gain 1-way amplifiers and two multi-way versions. proMHD11M – medium gain amplifier. General purpose masthead for aiding digital and analogue reception in weaker signal areas. Inputs 1 Outputs 1 Noise 1.7dB Gain 16dB O/P 92dBµV Power 12V 25mA

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