PROception – 8+1WAY VHF-UHF AMP – 5dB

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PROception – 8+1WAY VHF-UHF AMP – 5dB

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Multi-way Booster and Distribution Amplifier Range 8 way amplifiers · Separate filtered Band II (VHF/FM) and UHF TV inputs. · Sharp cut-off UHF input filter gives useful rejection at 400 MHz – helps avoid interference from Airwave TETRA base stations. · Higher gain ‘FULL’ output on 6- and 8-way versions allows expansion to eight or more additional outlet points. · Line-power at UHF input can supply up to 100 mA for higher output capability preamplifiers – useful in situations involving a very long cable run from the aerial. SPECIFICATION Inputs 2 {FM and UHF} Outputs 8 Freq. Range 87.5 – 108 mHz 470 – 862 mHz Noise 3.5dB Gain 5dB Gain {Full O/P} 18 dB O/P Level 82 dBµV UHF Line Power 12V 100mA Protection Auto Shutdown Mains I/P 230V AC 3VA Power Indicator Green LED Connectors IEC

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