TELEVES – DAB/VHF – 3 – (1050) – 217-230 Mhz AERIAL

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TELEVES – DAB/VHF – 3 – (1050) – 217-230 Mhz AERIAL

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1. All Aerials made of Aluminium Alloy
2. All Aerials Supplied with a Balun
3. Tilting Facility on all Aerial Clamps

Specially designed for DAB {Digital Radio Broadcasting}.

It is a three elements antenna {reflector, dipole and directive element} that covers the whole reserved band for DAB transmissions.

Its diecast junction box, that includes a balun, guarantees a perfect shielding against interferences from other sources {appliances, motors, …} than TV transmitter, as well as a perfect impedance matching.

Elements 3
Gain {dB} 8
F/B Ratio 15dB
Length 555mm