TELEVES – DIGIDOM – 2.4Ghz Tx-Rx – EXTENDER – (7602)

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TELEVES – DIGIDOM – 2.4Ghz Tx-Rx – EXTENDER – (7602)


This AV Transmitter and Receiver uses the latest communication technology to deliver consistently sharp stereo and colour video images up to 100 metres away. By transmitting at a very high frequency {2.4 GHz, the FCC approved AV Transmitter and Receiver avoids the crowded 900 MHz band used by many cordless telephones and other wireless audio/video transmitters. Its superior quality is due to FM rather than AM signal modulation. With various independent channels, you can transmit different audio/video sources simultaneously using multiple pairs. This AV Transmitter and Receiver also integrates a remote control extender to allow you to control the audio or video source from another room using your existing remote control device. Please request further information if required.

Shipping Weight: 1.85 kg

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Weight 1.85 kg